How to have a beach body?

Have a body, then go to the beach.

It is really that simple. Now I know some are like “of course it is easy for you, you are a twig!” Trust me, just because I am petite does not mean its easy for me to throw on that bikini or one piece and strut around when there are Kardashian look alikes all around. Franky, seeing that as a less curvaceous women makes you start feeling boyish. Not to mention all these instagram models all over with that “perfect” shape. I am not very curvy at all, I get rolls, and when you see these people with insane curves and then perfect tiny 6 pack stomachs its like…what? How is that possible? But the thing we don’t realize is these people seem to have unlimited money. That means they have access to all the top surgeons, estheticians, trainers, chefs, and so on. Its not really fair to yourself to compare you to them. So, I decided to stop comparing and start loving myself fully. I may not have the biggest chest, or the “perfect 34-24-36” measurements, but I am going to rock what I got and make no apologies. Rolls when I sit? EVERYONE GETS THEM. NO matter how jacked and cut you are, we get them! The reason we think these instagram models do not have them is because they know how to work the angles! Why are we trying to make that unappealing, it is natural when you bend at the waist! Big deal! I do not loose any value in myself for that.

Just the start of a roll, if I was sitting straight on, there would be more! I love my tummy. And you should love yours no matter what size it is. No matter what size you are, YOU are enough. I’ll say it again for the people in the back. YOU ARE ENOUGH. This is for my dudes as well. I never see this addressed. But guys face just as much comparing and insecurities as we do! Can I just say, a 6 pack doesn’t make you any more or less than you are now. You are so much more than just a body! Don’t feel inadequate if you have more than 6% body fat on you, and don’t feel “less manly” if you are super lean and like me, that you have trouble putting on weight. Being a man is more than just brute strength. You too, are enough.

Now, I will get off my soapbox. I seriously just meant to keep this post light hearted and only about fashion. Apparently that is not something I can do lol.

I have been getting a lot of my bathing suits from a site called Zaful. I have loved basically all of them, it just can be tricky with sizing. I have had some that were too small/too big. But most of the time the sizing chart is pretty accurate.

This suit actually came from Amazon for $23.99. Want to know the best part? (see below)

IT REVERSIBLE! Two in one for the win!

This is an awesome one I got from Zaful for $15.99. It comes in this deep red or cobalt blue. I got a size small. It fits pretty well I would say! (Third picture is a great example of angles that I speak about above.)

This baby was a GAME changer! I never thought I could have even the slightest bit of cleavage. Whenever I feel myself comparing myself I put this one and recharge that self love. The link and I got a size small.


This one I am loving! I would say it runs somewhat big, but is definitely still wearable I would have not gotten a bigger size. (I got a small)

Another Zaful purchase. Just on the edge of being too small, but I made it work! I got a small.

This Zaful red suit is a lot brighter than the first one, and verrrry cheeky! Mostly everyone wears this cheeky style or thong in Hawaii and I thought, when it Rome!


This one i got years ago at Shein, while they don’t have this one now, they have so many other cute ones! These bottoms are more full coverage and sooo comfy!

Another place I have gotten really inexpensive suits from are the Wish app.

I have all sorts of fashion shots on my instagram @ameowssa, if you have any inquiries as to where I got anything I am wearing…don’t hesitate to ask there or even ask here! I am glad to share my bargain finds. Fashion is fun and should not cost your hole paycheck. The most important thing in fashion, in my eyes is confidence and to love yourself. You can rock anything NO MATTER WHAT.

❤ to you all!


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