Well, these past weeks have been sure been a whirlwind for me! It has been about a month since I last shared on here with all of you, I apologize. Though I have some exciting news to fill you all in on (if you don’t already follow me on social media @ameowssa)

Drum roll please….

I am getting married!


J so totally surprised me and asked me to be his for eternity. I had no idea that it was going to happen this visit. I thought at least another year! He kept it a total secret from all of our friends and families. Reason being (well why I think he kept it such a secret. :P) is I am so in tune with vibes and body language, its extremely hard for anyone to keep a secret from me. I just sense it because they act slightly different! J is one of the only ones that can really surprise me. He has a good poker face. 😛 He did such a good job. When I went to get it resized the jeweler kept going on about how impressed she was with the quality of the diamond. He was so proud. He did it all on his own, and did a lot of research!


So the magical day started with something that had been on my list for a while! I have been wanting to check out the Pow Wow street art pieces in downtown Honolulu for months and we spent the afternoon doing that. Below are some of the new pieces added for 2017. I highly recommend checking these out. These artists are extremely talented. They have installations all over the world. their websites is here: http://powwowhawaii.com

The ones in Honolulu are all over but most are centrally located in Kaka’ako. We used the address of Mini cooper Hawaii to get in the general vicinity.

Then we made our way over to our reservation at Charthouse Waikiki, but took our time walking around and just enjoying the city together. So we got to Charthouse and got a table right by the windows. Gorgeous view of the harbor but make sure you have sunglasses! I sipped on a Mai Tai as J had a beer. I got crab stuffed Ahi with a hollandaise sauce and J got…I think some sort of steak! Then we shared crème brulee for dessert. Stuffed to the brim, (I mean I was like thanksgiving stuffed!) We started our walk back to the beach to continue enjoying the sunset. J was acting weird so I asked him what was up? He just laughed and said ask me that again in 30 minutes. So naturally I asked every 5 minutes…:P

We get to the beach through a little park we were enjoying and walked along the water until we happened upon is small almost man made pier, it gave us a gorgeous view of diamond head so we made our way out there. I took so many pictures and I had no idea what was next. Then J says he wants to get a picture of me and to take off my jean jacket. He snaps some pictures and puts the phone down, and as I turn around I see him on one knee reaching in to his pocket saying “Alyssa Jane Phillips, will you marry me?” And my first three responses to him were “Is this for realz?!” haha. Once I got past the shock I was finally able to give him my answer, YES! It was such a perfect moment, perfect for us. I actually didn’t even look at the ring until we were in the car. I was just so happy looking at the man that will be my husband.

I gotta say…20170405_161945-1

Cheers! Show some love and give me a follow. I will be posting weekly again! ❤

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