Why I will never get Botox again

DISCLAIMER I got Botox many years ago when it was an experimental treatment for migraines, it did not help me but it has helped many. As you can see below, my forehead still moves 😉

The older I get, the more wrinkles I see, and other things connected to the “dirty” word aging, the more I seem to embrace these flaws. This has been a shocking realization, shocking but it makes me proud. We live in a world of constant perfection, and I am content, no proud to be imperfect. You see the deep crease in my forehead, its my war paint, my medal of this war with pain I have been fighting for 9 years and counting. Its my struggles, it is meaningful to me, and more than just a line to erase.

These lines around my eyes represent the smiles and happiness my friends and family have brought me through this journey.

The lines around my mouth come from the kisses, laughter, and love from my boyfriend.

And I’ve got  so many greys, dying them? Nope,  it is like having glitter strands coming out of my head 🙂

My body, while it seems to hate me a lot, it is mine and I am enough the way I am. Some see me as skinny, but I see a body tired from pain and that is why I stay thin. Constant pain stops you from eating and really burns the calories. I am skinny but you know what has taken me years to realize. Its OKAY to have tummy rolls when you sit. IT IS WHAT SKIN DOES. No matter what weight you are this happens and its ok. I would not sit down in a bikini for years because I thought I looked bad. I would have to have a towel around my waist whenever I did.  Also the majority of pictures on social media are all about the angles. See below.

I am not a curvy girl but I look a somewhat curvy in the red suit due to angles! I am not voluptuous but that does not make me any less of a woman. I have jiggly spots, I have cellulite and so what! We all come in so many different shapes and sizes, that is beautiful! We should not all try and look like perfect Kardashian dolls all the time. It always seems to go back to that. Nothing against them but that is a lot of work! I would rather rest so I can adventure. Sure I love make up and I do go all out sometimes, but I don’t even feel I need to. And no one should!

But, I digress. I just wanted to share with you all, you are perfect the way you are and its all about how you present things. Present it as a positive, not a negative. I am not getting old, I am getting experience and collecting memories. Those stretch marks represent my physical growth. Those rolls mean I’m eating more and becoming a normal weight, that I’m pushing through my disease. That I am a warrior and my skin and all its imperfections are my war paint.  I will never let my body self consciousness hold me back from anything ever again. 

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