If you have been following me on social media —> ameowssa you know my outfit posts well. I started to think, “I wonder if people would want details of where I shop, and/or other options to recreate these looks for themselves. So I decided that every Friday I will come here and give you all the run down of an outfit I have shared on social media.

I am all for not breaking the bank and still being fashionable. The dress I am wearing in this post can be found here.

It was a whopping $16.99!

My wedges I happened upon at Charlotte russe on the clearance rack for…. $1.99! I had a coupon so they actually went down to $1.69. Since these most likely aren’t still available, I have gathered some alternatives below.


Option 1


Option 2


Option 3


Option 4


the final option is a flat one for those who don’t like heels!

Lastly,  my flower is one of my own creations that I sure do sell! I love floral hair pieces because I feel they polish off the look.

So, there is my first ever in depth outfit post! Please let me know what you think and what I can do to improve.

❤ to all

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