Wine & Design

This past week J was underway, so my girl friend Jenel and I (her hubby is on the same ship) took advantage of this time we had and went to a “Wine and Design” event. These events happen all over the US. You grab your girlfriends, grab some wine and snacks, and spend the night learning you are more artistic than you think! All skills level are welcomed because honestly, acrylics aren’t as scary as they seem, and you also have a rocking instructor to show you the ropes (and rescue with “the ropes” if you feel you are drowning in the acrylic ;P).

We got to the venue early so decided to hit up a local bar just a block away called Smith and King. Our waitress was very kind, friendly, and talkative. She filled us in on when trivia night is, that they have an AWESOME brunch menu, taco Tuesday, and when they are the busiest! Highly recommend this place, drinks were fabulous and they had games like rock’em sock’em robots! Any bar that has old school games is a bar for me!


Jenel and I cannot wait to drag our guys to brunch here, preferably after a morning hike 😉

After our quick drink we made our way back to Wine & Design just in time to chat some more with our Teacher for the night Lesley, she is also the owner. She doesn’t teach many of the classes so we consider ourselves lucky to get her for our first go!

We popped open our wine and got comfortable in front of our canvases. Both our first time ever doing this, but I had a little more experience with acrylics than Jenel. But I am sooo rusty. But these classes are made for every experience level. Trust me, she makes acrylics and arts not scary!

We needed some liquid courage! haha Helps calms the nerves if you are new to art.

One of the great tips Lesley gave the class is if you don’t know what you are trying to do, or something isn’t coming out right.. S T O P painting. Take a step back and walk away for a moment.

We had a little break halfway through as well, got to eat our snacks we brought. (we could have earlier but we were on a painting mission!)

Below is the whole class with their finished pieces! As you can see… I took some artistic liberty with mine! You can stick as close and stem as far as you want from the example!


This was such a great week day girls night outing, I highly recommend trying one out in your local city. Have fun, enjoy, and don’t take it so seriously! Its paint, if you mess up it can be fixed! ❤16523617_10155024761577658_584520591_o

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