Fashion is Art.


I have had a love affair with fashion from a very young age. The earliest I can remember is drawing gowns when I was kindergarten age. I loved the idea that my clothes could express my personality, and to this day I still use them for that purpose. I am sort of a chameleon due to my love of many different styles. Retro to modern to 90s to rocker chic, I’ve rocked them all with my own twist added. Fashion isn’t supposed to be serious. Have fun with it, take risks, and spread happiness with what you wear.


Rather than write a novel on this topic, I will let my outfit of the day pictures do the talking. Here is a compilation of many outfits. The first set are more recent ones of my time here in Hawaii.

Below is a compilation of past outfits. I will be posting one a week on my Instagram and tagging the brands worn in each picture. Follow @ameowssa on Instagram to see more, details and price ranges of these outfits! I have never been one to believe fashion should cost you the same as a college education, so each outfit is under $100.

Never take fashion too seriously. I dress everyday with the sole purpose to express myself, and possibly brighten someone else’s day. Stay true to you. ❤

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