Girl-Friends and why they are awesome.

I have been EX-TREEEMELY lucky in my life when it comes to female relationships. For the most part, all the women I have created friendships with were positive impacts on my life. Of course I have some blips along the way. I can only think of one that I do not have contact with and to this day I am still not sure what happened. Some got rocky due to insecurities, but we stamped those insecurities and moved past these set backs with flying colors. Female friendship are so vitally important, in my humble opinion. I have learned so much from them, received so much support, and feel a major part of my self confidence because of the strong and positive women I have had in my life. We strive to succeed, grow, and learn, and we help each other in doing so. That is key, I see time and time again these competition between women and it saddens me. We are a circle, a tribe, lets work together rather than against us.


Jess, my person. The relationship that was meant to last we call it! My goodness. She is amazing. I have no idea how she does so much in a day. Seriously she is like super girl! Driven, successful, so thoughtful and funny. She is always there to help me through something, talk openly and give me advice about military spouse life. She is a gem of a woman. A woman that can actually have EVERYTHING. She deserves it.


Dani, my rocker artist. We were friends before being MilSOs, and now she helps me so much with this life. We have been inseparable since 2008 (so what distance doesn’t make us any less inseparable!) and still going strong. Strongest women I know. She is a warrior and inspires me everyday. Fangs and Fairy Ears always. She’s my girl I can be a complete weirdo with and talk in demon voices like its normal. She’s my weirdo!


Ashley, a beautiful soul and fellow cat lover. She is always there to listen and is just a genuinely kind person. We have so much fun on our mini adventures. Although we don’t get to have them often. I cherish the time, the talks, the memories, and the many pictures we capture. We are Snow White and Ariel, feeding deer and going on adventures whenever we can. She cares and never judges me, and offers to help me whenever possible. 


Recently it has become even more visible, that these relationships I have nurtured, and new ones I am forming are even more vital when you are in a military environment. I am new to the MilSO life and I will be honest, they are gone a lot. So these women that you meet along the way, become your support, your shoulder to cry on, your ear to vent to, and your distraction from many things. We help each other, we care, we build each other up, and we make memories. These ladies are so incredibly precious to me and I thankful every day that I have them. It can be lonely, but when you have your girl friends…its not so bad. ❤

Brooke, Brooke flower. This woman is one of the most drop dead gorgeous ladies I have ever met. She is the sweetest, realest, and so protective over those she cares about. Laid back woman, that helps whoever she can and will fight for what is right. Her heard is solid gold (matches her Rapunzel hair). And her soul is bright white. She shines wherever she goes and her smile is contagious! Kind, funny, smart, and silly. We have fun 🙂


Jenel, man this girl is Bad A** (I don’t swear but it’s the only way I can describe her!) Her intelligence is off the charts, fellow masters degree owner and works from home because she is so amazing at what she does her company couldn’t let her go when they PCSed to Hawaii! I have too much fun with her, adventurous and hilarious…we always have a blast. She helps me so much with learning about the Navy, and she has been a major support pillar for me as I am here.


Whenever I am around Araz I can’t help but be happy, she makes you feel comfortable around her from the instant you meet her. Warm, inviting, and understanding. She goes out of her way for her friends and helps without question. Her welcoming spirit is something so precious and special. I can’t wait to spend more time together.


I have SO many more girl friend who have made an impact in my life and are so special to me. Seriously I could keep going into the double digits. But for the sake of this post, and tiring your eyes out. I will stop there. But please, know you are all S O special and important to me and you make me a better woman everyday (even if we can’t see each other every day). Love you all, stay true to you and support each other, together we will succeed.

2 thoughts on “Girl-Friends and why they are awesome.

  1. You are an inspiration to all who meet you! I value my girlfriends and th friendships we have grown and nurtured over the years. Through all the ups and downs life has thrown my girlfri nds have always been there and had my back. I am so happy that you have such strong women in your life supporting you as you embark in each new chapter💕💕

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