A Day In Lanai

This past Sunday J and I decided to join our friends on an impromptu trip to the island of Lanai. Sunday morning came and that lovely 6 am wake up call came around. I grumpily (furthest from a morning person) woke up and joined J gathering our last items to make our trip. Inter island travel is great and simple. Especially when you are only going for a day. All you need is your carry on of a suit, camera, and change of clothes.

After a quick 20 minute flight we were landing down in Lanai. Our plane was an itty bitty puddle jumper with maybe 40 seats on it. Landing is a little less gradual than when traveling in a large Boeing or Airbus. Lanai is not very populated, even at the airport it was peaceful and quiet.


(There is our little plane!)

The rental car company picked us up from the airport and we started the drive to pick up our Jeep Wrangler, which was a bright yellow and lots of fun. Most of Lanai is off roading, so 4 wheel drive is a necessity. I’ve never really gone off roading but it sure is fun.

Since we only had a day we picked a few key places we wanted to see and started. Our goals were:

  • Shipwreck Beach



  • Cat Sanctuary

(This guy was my F A V O R I T E, I wish I could have taken him home. <3)

This was our first stop of the day since it was very important to us. If you ever get the chance to go to Lanai, make a stop here. Also, donate if you can. They are non profit that care for cats that have been abandoned or born feral. You can adopt them as well. No adoption fee and they are all up to date with all of their shots. Below is the link to their site!

Lanai Cat Sanctuary

  • Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods seemed like we were on Mars! It is a natural rock garden. According to Hawaiian lore this landscape was due to a problem between two kahuna (priests).

  • Sweetheart Rock

This beautiful piece of Lanai got its name due to a Hawaiian legend about two lovers named Pehe and Makakehau.

  • Polihua Beach

This beach was majestic and again, other worldly. This may be due to the rough currents and pristine sand. We saw one couple the whole time. It was like our own private beach. Though, another no swim beach.

  • Yummy Dinner



We ended our day eating at the Four Seasons. I got a appetizer as a meal and couldn’t even finish it! It was delicious. I also sipped on a hurricane in a cute Tiki cup, and ended our dinner with a lovely dessert. Honestly was not my favorite but still delicious!


We successfully hit all of our top picks and made it back in time to catch the shuttle back to the airport for 6:30. Lanai was beautiful and so peaceful. I would recommend making it out there for a day. If we go back I would do a weekend. But anything more you will be repeating everything.

Enjoy your week and keep exploring! ❤


Lastly, here is a video of J running because…hubba hubba 😉

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