Drum Roll Please…

Hey lovelies,

I am A and this is my F I R S T ever blog. Well, I take that. I’ve made many over the years but they never really stuck. I either didn’t think I had any insight to bestow on anyone, or life happened. But here I am, in Hawaii, reviewing all that lead me to here, and all that is waiting in the future. And I decided, it is time. I’ve had my major struggles, still am, but I am working on staying positive no matter how scary the unknown is.

I am

  • 26
  • An artist
  • A fashionista
  • A chronic illness warrior
  • An academic
  • A shoulder to cry on
  • An heart to love
  • An ear to listen
  • And a friend to all

I plan to use this blog to post my growth, things I have learned, days I have, fashion I wear, and things I make. May seem like a mish mash mush of totally different things but…that is me. I flow, I constantly change, and I stay true to my child like soul. I hope you all join me weekly for a little insight into my life. Stay tuned and stay kind. ❤


2 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please…

  1. “A”, I truly enjoyed your blog!! you definitely have a flair to making your future blogs interesting! And I’m looking forward to your next blog!!! Have fun!!!

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