Fighting for the return of creativity.

So, lately I have been having some writers block. My illness has been making things extra hard lately and it seems to be effecting my creativity and my verbal. I have been having a hard time recalling things and remembering even the simplest of words. Constant pain and pressure around my brain and optic nerves make even the simplest of tasks daunting. So To try and focus on the positive, I am going to go back and share one of my adventures I had in Hawaii.

I have noticed that in my blog I haven’t even breached the surface with all of my Hawaii adventures I went on. From beach days, to hiking, to birthday surprises, to luaus, and more…J and I (many times with our friends too!) have made so many AH-MAZING memories.


Hanauma Bay is an amazing snorkeling spot well known on the island of Oahu. As I am fairly green to snorkeling I have started off slow with the process. I don’t go out too far yet. But Hanauma Bay is a place where you don’t have to go out far, to see many and awesome fish!


My luck, once when I went snorkeling a fish bit me! hahaha Yea I know, so embarrassing. So I decided to share this moment with all of you! My bathing suit had gold charm anchors on the ties and I think that is what taunted the fish. J choked on water he was laughing so much. Seeing this little fish dive bomb me, and then CHASE AFTER ME. Such a strange moment haha!



That hasn’t held me back from returning though. Hanauma Bay is such a perfect spot. The Koko head hike you actually get an arial view of the bay and it is JAW. DROPPING. Koko head hike is so rough on the knees…but that view…yea its worth it.


Next adventure is the Makiki Arboretum & Loop Trail. This trail doesn’t have many stereotypical Hawaii views but I loved it because it shows the varied terrain and vistas that live and grow in Hawaii.

This trail started off muddy with a small waterfall

Then it felt like I was transported to a forest in middle earth!

I will be honest, I am not a very active person. The only reason I stay thin is because of my chronic illness. Being in constant pain surely burns them calories. But I was able to do this hike with minimal rest points. The incline is pretty gradual and whenever it got too much a plateau was always next.

Then further in we get all sorts of jungle vibes with this hike! Personally, I LOVE the jungle side of the island. You get away from the traffic and all the touristy hustle and bustle. J and I live on that side and another perk? You feel like you are in Jurassic Park. Its awesome!

Here is an elevation map and a google map view of the loop.

This is a really great hike, you won’t get the sweeping vistas of the crystal blue water Hawaii is known for. But you will see more of what Hawaii has to offer, and SHADE. Hiking from noon on is always so tough and sometimes dangerous in Hawaii due to the heat and humidity. Always bring extra water and snacks to refuel. The heat and humidity can take a lot out of you.


So I only got through 2 adventures, but this is getting very long and wordy. So I will save the next adventures for another post. 🙂


Remember, be kind to others, and to yourself.